I've had trouble, a lot of trouble accessing email. Hopefully its sorted so very sorry if I haven't replied to you. I am working through them at every available opportunity. I the mean time, we have Summer Salmon Sides available for Xmas 2016. The flavours are Garlic & Herb, Gremolata (parsley, lemon & dill) and Natural. You can email (good luck) or call the shop on 09 200 0148, 9.30am-4pm, Wed-Sat.

Yours Sincerely

Ron Aratema.


My name is Ron Aratema (The Salmon Man).


Salmon Man is a small business I started in 2004, with the aim of producing the best quality salmon and seafood products possible.  Initially I began smoking salmon using a couple of old upright driers which I converted into smokers in my back garden.  The business has since grown and I now operate from a smoke house in Glendene, Auckland. My commitment is absolute quality, freshness and value.


Salmon Man salmon is sea run King Salmon farmed in the pristine sea waters of Stewart Island. The Salmon is harvested on a Sunday each week. I personally collect the Salmon as early as it is available, usually around 4am on a Tuesday. I then fillet, pin-bone by hand and naturally cure the salmon using salt and sugar, no additives or nitrates. I then smoke the salmon using a mix of Cherry wood & Walnut wood. Once it has been chilled overnight, it is then portioned and vacuum packed. The processing is done in an environment that is maintained at a temperature below 12oC. Due to the absolute freshness and the care taken in processing, Salmon Man smoked salmon has a refrigerated shelf life of 6 weeks from the date of processing.


I produce hot smoked salmon, cold smoked salmon, gravlax and fresh raw Salmon, Scallops and other seafood products. We are located at The Smoked Fish Shop, 10 Phelps place, Glendene, Auckland. The shop hours are 9.30am-4pm, Wed-Sat.


Phone: 09 200 0148, 021 26 22 513


Email: ron@salmonman.co.nz


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